Why children fail in their toilet training

As the part of the children milestone, toilet training is the same important compared to the walking and speaking training. As a parent, you must know the signs and steps your child should follow, so that there will be no failure. Unfortunately, a lot of parents have to struggle during the period. They say toilet training is the most difficult time they have. Actually they are wrong. It is their children who feel confused and frustrated during the training. Children do not know why they have to go to the toilet. They also do not understand about the schedule and they got frustrated because you keep asking them to follow what you said. Furthermore, if you get angry or lose your patience, your children are the ones who will suffer more than you.

You have to know that mostly parents are source and the ones who have to responsible to the toilet training failure. First, some parents are lazy to notice the signs that their children are ready for the training. They are too busy with other activities so that they believe that diaper is better. Moreover, some other parents even think that toilet training is not necessary because their children will understand the needs to go to the toilet themselves. No training is needed. Well, it is completely a big mistake to think that way. Your laziness to change the diaper and change the diaper habit to toilet habit will affect your children negatively in the following years. When your child is going to school, none of her friend is wearing diaper to school even the kindergarten students. Every student can use toilet well.

Lack of knowledge is also the source of failure in toilet training. This will be so bad because once you get pregnant, you have to search and learn about caring, raising, and training the baby. Many times, lots of parents do not know what to do and act when the child gives the signs of bowel movement. Even when they know, they have no knowledge about guiding and tend to be angry when the child does not follow the instruction. Once the child start to cry, parents will judge her as spoiled, naughty, and the worst, stupid girl. All of them are considered as big mistake in parenting the children. All children are smart and clever. It is just parents who need to learn and keep gathering parenting knowledge to raise their children.