You don’t have to be a collective or dispensary operator to help 280E Reform. In fact, we need support and expertise from a broad cross-section of people in different areas and business sectors. Here are some ways you can help:

– If you can donate, your funds will be greatly appreciated. Please click here to donate.

– If you can donate time or services, we need representation in every one of the 16 medical cannabis states and the District of Columbia as we roll out educational materials and fundraising opportunities. Six states are expected to have medical cannabis initiatives on upcoming ballots, and 280E Reform needs representation in those states as well. Use the contact page to inquire about volunteer opportunities in the area where you live.

– You can help educate your city and state representatives, as well as the general public, about how 280E threatens patients who need dispensaries to obtain their medical cannabis safely. Closing dispensaries also has negative economic impacts such as lost jobs, reduced tax revenues (state, local and federal), revenue loss for support businesses and testing labs, and diversion of money and cannabis to the unregulated, untaxed and unsafe black market.

– If you are an attorney, accountant, collective operator or tax professional, we need help to prepare detailed strategies and materials for individual states. Please review the FAQ page, then contact us for more details.

How do I contact 280E Reform?

In the spirit of transparency, we hold a National Conference Call the first Friday of each month at noon Pacific time, where you can hear about the progress we have made and the challenges ahead.

Dial in: 209-647-1000
PIN code: 154639

You can e-mail 280E Reform anytime using the contact page.

How can I help spread the word about unfair federal medical cannabis taxes?

The 280E Reform Team is committed to using social media to help raise public awareness about the federal tax laws that punish state-authorized medical cannabis businesses. You can help by sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter with your online friends and family.