potty training, watch the signs carefully

One of the milestones that your toddler has to face is potty training. She needs to learn the way to reduce the use of diapers and start to go to the toilet. For certain parents, there is no difficulty at all. Once they see that their toddlers give the signs to go to the toilet like the adults, they start the process. But not all parents recognize the signs, so that some of them start the potty training earlier, while the others come late. This makes many parents confused. The reason is there is no specific sign on each toddler. This can make you confused also because starting earlier means you push your toddler to do something that she is not ready yet. On the other hand, starting too late means you let your toddler to feel comfortable with the diapers.

Surely, both of them are not good for your toddler and you are the one who is able to notice whether she is ready or not to start the training. The first thing you need to notice is that potty training can be started when she is about 18 to 20 months. This is not the exact time actually, but commonly parents have difficulties in training the 15 months toddler. Look at the diaper and notice whether it is still dry for certain time or not. No liquid means that she is able to handle the feeling longer. Or, she feels uncomfortable when the diaper is a little bit wet. In this age, your toddler has been able to give sign when there is bowel movement. She may tell you something or act or show you something happen on the bowel.

When she is able to ask to have the diaper changed with the dry one, you should directly thing this as a good sign. Again, she feels uncomfortable. After noticing the signs, you should know whether she can put on and off the diaper herself. This can be the final signal when she is ready to go to the toilet. Or you may train her to put on and off the diaper as the starting point before going to the toilet. This process may take a little bit longer and needs your patience. Potty training can last about 6 months but in certain cases, it may take two years to complete the training. Watch the signs and start the training!