No worry for having no improvement just be consistent

Once you and your couple decide to start the toilet training, both of you have to be consistent in many things. Consistency is needed to make your child accustom with the new activities. The facts you have to know is your child does not know about timing. She only knows day and night. Day is for playing and night is for sleeping. So, start by taking her to the toilet just after she gets up in the morning. Ask her to feel the signs of pee and bowel movement. If she doesn’t feel or know any signs, it is fine, even when she doesn’t pee or poop, you do not have to be panic. Do this every day, until she knows that going toilet should be done in the morning after she gets up.

However, you do not be sad or worry when she does not show any improvement for about two or three months. Toilet training takes time. In certain cases, the training can last about two years when the children are two until four years old. Many times, parents get panic and frustrated because the children do not want to follow the instruction and keep poop in the diaper or panty. The frustration is added by the fact that parents have to clean the dirt in many places. Indeed, this is quite tiring. In this situation, your child is not aware yet about their body function. The potty training you have just started is done to help your child recognize the signs and they know when they have to go to the toilet on her own.

Keep being consistent although sometimes your child rejects to go to the toilet. Take a deep breath and say something calmly and believe that the efforts will result something positive. Your child is able and want to go to the toilet herself and you do not have to spend more money for the disposable diaper, cleaner, wipes, and cream. Spend your money for purchasing cloth pants with cute cartoon characters that your child likes. Go straight to make your child wear the cloth pants and remove the diapers from your child sight. This will help the child to forget about the needs of diaper and start to understand that she needs cloth pants.