Again, you need patience

When your toddler is about 20 months, she is ready to have regular potty training. Actually the time to start is not the same in each toddler. So, you may notice the signs and ready to start. Before starting you need prepare yourself emotionally and physically because there is a chance that the things will not run smoothly as you have predicted before. There must be a kind of resistance at the beginning of the training. In your side, your toddler’s potty training is a kind of test of your patience. You need to be ready to clean up the mess, the wet, and the smell due to the training. In certain cases, the resistance may last for a year or more and the toddlers are throwing tantrums during the training.

Actually, you can smoothen the potty training by talking calmly to your toddler. Explain the steps one by one and give one reasons why she needs to go to the toilet. Give example that her cousins or friends, and other people also go to the toilet every day. She may not completely understand your explanation but do not give up easily. At least you have tried to take her to the toilet. However, you are not allowed to push her. You need to try and try again when there is retention. What happened many times is the more pressure given, the more your toddler reject going to the toilet. So, you may put cute plastic toys or decorate the toilet to make your toddler feel comfortable.

You can provide colorful tools that can attract your toddler to use. Or you can create simple game and reward your toddler after she does the training. Do not forget to create schedule. This may remind you the time to take your toddler to the restroom. The cute schedule may be put on the wall and let her to look at it. This can also remind her about the training. When the time comes, remove the items that can distract you and your toddler attention. Once there is a distraction, it will be difficult to restart. Be patience in guiding your toddler to make sure the success in her potty training.