We are medical cannabis patients and providers, the professionals who advise them and supporters who share a grave concern that the IRS may end or severely erode safe access to medical cannabis.

In recent months, the IRS has used an obscure section of the Internal Revenue Code to levy multimillion-dollar back tax bills on medical cannabis providers. Section 280E imposes extremely high taxes by preventing medical cannabis providers from taking the normal and usual deductions allowed for all other businesses. These deductions include items such as rent, payroll, health insurance, etc.

Thousands of medical cannabis providers may be forced to close if they are unable to file and pay reasonable federal taxes, leading to a dramatic reduction in safe access for qualified patients. The 280E Reform campaign was launched to achieve tax equity and fairness for medical cannabis patients and providers.

The 280E Reform Team is comprised of volunteers, and we are asking for more volunteers to motivate, educate and inspire the public about this issue. Several key stakeholders are providing initial guidance and support, including:


California Cannabis Association, Sacramento

California NORML, San Francisco

Fresno Cannabis, Fresno

Harborside Health Center, Oakland/San Jose

Henry G. Wykowski and Associates, San Francisco

Nicole Lanzetti Design, Oakland

Steep Hill Lab, Oakland


Tayloe Marketing, Tampa


Remedy Compassion Center, Auburn


Braach Accounting Service, Missoula


Kaneabis — The Cannabis Industry From a Financial Perspective


Cannabis Defense Coalition

The CARE Wellness Center, Seattle

Conscious Care Collective, Seattle/King County

The CPC, Seattle

Dockside Cooperative, Seattle

The Joint Cooperative, Seattle

The Medicine Jar, Seattle

Steep Hill Lab, Seattle


Americans for Safe Access

National Cannabis Industry Association

How can I help?

The 280E Reform Campaign is actively seeking volunteers to motivate, educate and inspire the public and elected officials about this issue. If interested, please use our contact page.

We are also asking supporters to contribute whatever they can to the campaign, which will be used to build the organization and spread our message. Please click here to donate today.

Join us on our quarterly national conference call, where you can hear about the progress we have made and the challenges ahead. Mark your calendar: The next 280E Reform conference call is Jan. 4, 2013, at noon PST.

Dial in: 209-647-1000
PIN code: 154639.